takeoff,take off的意思与用法?

take off

(1)Remove clothing

Take off can mean remove clothing. With this use, take off is separable. This means that the item of clothing can go between the verb and the particle.

“Take off” 可以表示 “脱衣服”。在表达这个意思时,动词短语 “take off” 可以被分开,即takeoff:动词 take + 衣物的名称 + 小品词 off 。

It\’s warm here. I\’m going to take off my jumper.It\’s warm here. I\’m going to take my jumper off.

Please take off your shoes when you come inside.

Please take your shoes off when you come inside.

(2)Something becoming successful

Take off can also mean become successful, especially suddenly.

“Take off” 还可以表示 “突然变得成功,开始走红”。

I\’m going to be rich. My business has taken off.

I never liked his music, but it\’s taken off quite recently. Everyone is listening to it.

(3)Not go to work

Take off can be used with a time word to mean have time away from work.

“Take off” 可以与表示时间的词语搭配使用,表示 “休假,不上班”。

I\’m going to take a day off work tomorrow.

She asked to take a week off next month for a holiday.

扩展资料: take off的近义词: 1、put off 英 [put ɔf] 美 [pʊt ɔf] 延期;敷衍;使分心;脱去(衣、帽等)。 Second litters can be put off in autumn as porkers. 第二窝小猪到了秋天就可以当肥小猪卖掉。 2、hop off 英 [hɔp ɔf] 美 [hɑp ɔf] 起飞,脱掉。 And that bunny skirtwill hop right off of her. 那条兔子裙就会被脱下来了。

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